1. Solutions for the police of the future!

    The smart digital patrol car makes police workstations mobile and will be ready for action in the near future.

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Integration of a VPN gateway based on NCP technology: End-to-end encryption, no backdoors, source codes of the software are disclosed to the customer, individual applications


Symmetric method: AES 128,192,256 bits; Blowfish 128,448 bits; Triple-DES 112,168 bits; Dynamic method for the key exchange: RSA to 4096 bits; Diffie-Hellman Groups 1,2,5,14-21, 25, 26; Hash algorithms: (MD5), SHA1, SHA 256, SHA 384, SHA 512; Firewall: Stateful Packet Inspection; IP-NAT (Network Address Translation); port filtering; LAN adapter protection

Authentication method

IKE (Aggressive and Main Mode), Quick Mode; XAUTH for extended user authentication; support for certificates in a PKI: Soft certificates, smart cards, USB tokens, certificates with ECC technology; pre-shared keys; one-time passwords and challenge response systems; RSA SecurID Ready


Overall system (PolarIS)

  • Existing interface to the patrol control centre system ELW
    (Brandenburg installation)
  • Correlation server
  • Real-time visualisation of all patrol media
  • OTA control of the multifunctional PCs
  • Adoption of police-specific POIs
  • Nationwide real-time updating of POIs
  • Function-assisting hardware and software solution
  • Open software architecture
  • Integration of national resources (e.g. map material)
  • Real-time graphic transfer of videos and HD images

Multifunctional PC

  • Useful bandwidth up to 100 Mbit/s
  • LTE utilisation of all frequencies
  • LTE-MIMO-MAX antenna
  • Integrated CAN interface
  • CiA 447 application profile
  • Integrated 4-port Ethernet switch
  • Local VPN gateway functionality
  • Gateway-gateway coupling with client forwarding
  • Automatic (re-)connect upon interrupted connection
  • Certificate-based authentication with password-protected certificates
  • Logging
  • WLAN activation possible
  • FlexGateway operation of the processor unit possible
  • Without display unit
  • All basic functions are retained (e.g. POE)
  • Change to the full function by display retrofit possible at any time
  • Prepared for the use of Galileo
  • Simple sharing
  • Full integration in vehicle display