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Polaris Kamera 01Polaris gives you the opportunity to utilise the central control panel and automatic video backup in one device via a common user interface. This new development utilises our modern IP camera technology and state-of-the-art encryption technologies to ensure BSI-compliant saving and transmission.

The video module can be extended by smart components (video streaming to the control centre, video transmission of other sources to the vehicle) and provides a 15 second recording lead-in, secure saving and the simplest installation.

Like all modules, you can extend this module at any time or use it as a sole function.

Like all functions of Polaris as a retrofit concept or on the manufacturer original display.


  • Automatic video backup
  • BSI-compliant certification
  • HD video streaming to the control centre
  • Video transmission of other sources to vehicle
  • 15 second lead-in
  • High resolution
  • DC supply via MPC
  • Secure saving and the simplest installation are guaranteed


  • Via a special signal system
  • Via a Rec hardware button
  • By calling up in the functional module
  • By activating the emergency button
  • Local visualisation option in the vehicle
  • Local export function for the video data in the vehicle