1. Solutions for the police of the future!

    The smart digital patrol car makes police workstations mobile and will be ready for action in the near future.

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polaris smart patrol workflowDemands on modern police work are becoming increasingly difficult to fulfill-staff shortages, the combination of smaller departments into central units and lengthy reworking of assignments in the office pose problems for the security forces.

With POLARIS you can make full use of modern infrastructures:
Information and documents in the direct access of the official at the place of work, complete processing of the process in the vehicle and a secure connection to the control center allow faster intervention of the police forces and let you work more efficiently.


  • Independent
    Of stationary offices
  • Time-saving
    For the emergency services avoiding duplicate work and long journeys to the precinct
  • Protecting citizens
    on a national scale ensured
  • on-the-spot access
    to police investigation and information systems
  • Efficient coordination
    The emergency services can see patrol cars and other items relevant to the police in the vicinity


Multifunctional PC
  • Order administration (Order management)
  • Device administration
  • Video recordings
  • Geo-referenced information processing (navigation)
  • Connection to mobile end devices
Functional extensions
  • Control of TETRA radio devices made by all manufacturers
  • Control of analogue radio devices made by all manufacturers
  • Control of the special signal system
  • ZEVIS query
  • Weather service
  • Vehicle data
  • OWI collection including cash-free payment transactions

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