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Polaris not only provides easy navigation from the order, but also represents a valuable patrol-tactical medium for daily police work. The direct link of the control centre to the vehicle ensures that the online map material is always current thanks to updates. Besides standard features such as real-time visualisation including direction display, Polaris enables friendly vehicles to be viewed with radio identification and direction of travel. Own upkeep of the POI and updates provided online for the vehicles allow the system to be adapted individually to the patrol requirements.

Navigation components: Patrol-tactical medium full screen mode

Navigation components: Patrol-tactical medium full screen mode

  • From assignment to the operational site
  • Navigation with special signalling
  • Individual configuration per control centre
  • Direct connection to the operations management system
  • Representation of units in the operations management system
  • Full screen mode
  • On-demand updates
  • Connection to POLIS